Fort Worth attorney Brian Wilson is back again, this time with a patriotic edition of his famous “Texas Law Hawk” videos.

Wilson stands in the way of flying fireworks and blows up a guitar, among other shenanigans, to teach a lesson about fireworks safety for the Fourth of July.

The video, published to his Facebook page, racked up over 60,000 views in the first six hours.

Some of the safety tips Wilson takes aim for — in his unconventional way — are:

• Let professionals handle the fireworks

• Don’t shoot fireworks near structures like churches, schools, hospitals or cars

• Mow and clean your lawn of grass clippings before shooting fireworks

• Go outside city limits to shoot fireworks

It’s also not safe to shoot a flamethrower near a pile of fireworks — not something he explicitly says in the new video, but should go without saying.

If you’re celebrating America’s independence with fireworks this weekend, we strongly encourage you to supplement the Texas Law Hawk’s advice with a full list of rules from the pros.

Go here for firework safety tips from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Go here for tips from the National Council on Firework Safety

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