Ecstatic Danny Michel reunited with beloved Gibson guitar

Danny Michel treated fans and patrons to a song and lots of tarts at Bruno’s Bakery and Cafe in Innisfil after being reunited with his vintage guitar.

“It’s the first time I’ve played in a bakery,” joked the Juno and Polaris nominated musician.

Michel was thrilled after the owner of Bruno’s, Bruno Alonzi, found the lost guitar and returned it to Michel who called the instrument ‘priceless’ for its sentimental value. 

“It’s amazing. Bruno is clearly a super kind guy. I feel like I know him and I tell you right now I’d give him my house keys. He’s an honest guy.  We live in a crazy time right now and the world really needs more stories like this and I think that’s why this got so much attention,” said Michel.  

The Ontario singer and producer had the Gibson guitar for about 15 years and was bringing it to a cottage north of Barrie on Monday when he mistakenly left it at Park Place while switching equipment between cars. 

“This is all very embarrassing,” he said. “I’ve moved equipment constantly my whole life and this was just one of those bizarre, absolute accidents where he thought I had it. I thought he had it. And it just got left behind.”

Alonzi saw the guitar in its well-travelled, sticker-covered case in the parking lot and took it home where he later discovered Michel’s social media campaign to get his guitar back. 

Michel calls the episode a good, old-fashioned mistake and he’s very grateful for the happy outcome. 

“Guitars to musicians are just, it’s hard to explain. Not only the tool of my trade, how I make my living, but they just become so personal.  Your body, your hands and arms physically wear them down to fit your hand.”

Michel was on tour in Michigan Wednesday and stopped by the Gibson plant in Kalamazoo.

He ran into the man who made the guitar back in the early sixties. The man recognized the serial number and is certain it was crafted by either him or his father. 

With his bakery packed with Michel’s fans, the humble baker said the attention was a bit overwhelming. 

“I’ve received 6,600 messages from all over the world, many from musicians,” said Alonzi.

“It’s amazing what one little thing can do. It’s been fun. He’s a real genuine guy.”

“We all need to be reminded that we are good,” Michel said.

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