Did You Catch that Orange Guitar in this Steph Curry, Serena

If you’ve spent any time watching the NBA or NHL playoffs, chances are you’ve seen a Chase commercial featuring a rousing game of ping pong between modern sports icons Serena Williams and Steph Curry.

Maybe like us here at Reverb, you were more interested in the orange guitar prominently hung on the wall behind Mr. Curry throughout the ad than you were in the intense round of staged table tennis.

As it turns out, the guitar comes from our good friends over at Reverend in Toledo. It’s a Club King RT model with a Bigsby tremolo, and that slick paint job is the builder’s own Rock Orange finish.

According to Penny Haas of Reverend, the company sold a pair Club Kings to the Droga5 advertising agency. Droga5 gave some indication of who would star in the commercial, but not much info beyond that. Hass recounted:

“We had an inkling that it might be a big deal. I don’t think [Reverend CEO] Ken and I were prepared for how popular the ad would be, though… The ad’s been out for a couple of months, and Ken and I both still get messages every day from someone who’s seen it. It’s been good for us.”

At the time of writing this, Steph Curry is poised to lead the Golden State Warriors to a second NBA championship. It’s our hope he gets some time to rock a Reverend in the off season.

For more information on Reverend Guitars, check out this 20th anniversary retrospective we put together earlier this year.


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