Corey Taylor defend rock music after AMAs | Music

Corey Taylor has claimed rock and metal music is seen as “dirty money”.

The Slipknot frontman took aim at industry bosses for marginalising heavy, guitarist-based music after rap group Migos won the Favorite Duo/Group – Pop/Rock prize at the American Music Awards on Tuesday (10.09.18).

Asked why rock music is ignored in this way – and on the radio – Corey tweeted: “They know it makes money. But to them it’s dirty money.

“To them, real rock/metal is: neanderthal, low brow, common. Too much attitude. They can’t control us. They can’t use us to sell Pepsi. So f**k the industry. They’ll burn soon anyway… they always do.”

A fan pointed out that the ‘Psychosocial’ hitmakers did win a Grammy Award in 2009 for their hit ‘Before I Forget’ – which won Best Metal Performance – with their nine other nominations coming in that and the Hard Rock Performance and Best Rock Album categories.

Corey argued: “We got one back when there were actual rock/metal bands nominated and winning. But that was only one of two categories they’ve allowed us to have.

“Now they’ve whittled us down to one category. And nominate bands/acts that have no business in it, sometimes.”

His comments come after Bring Me The Horizon star Oli Sykes suggested that breaking down barriers between genres could only be a good thing.

He previously said: “We have a little more appeal to the mainstream now, which is what we’ve aimed for.

“We wanted to bring what we do to a wider audience, and show that rock doesn’t have to be this weird, scary thing.

“It feels like indie and rock and other types of music is merging together. People that listen to The 1975 are also listening to Bring Me The Horizon.”

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