Classic rock music brings big crowd

Classic rock band Southbound performed at Yucca Valley’s Summer Music Festival Saturday. Famous for its Lynyrd Skynyrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival tributes, the band included many favorites by those two bands, starting with a set of “What’s Your Name,” “They Call Me the Breeze,” and Gimme Three Steps.”

The heat perhaps prevented the usual number of adult dancers, but many kids enjoyed doing cartwheels and dancing to the music.

The classic rock concert attracted a large crowd. The Summer Music Festival presents a wide variety of music genre. Last week was a Dixieland band called Persuasion and next week will be one of the most popular returning bands, Silverado, playing country-western music.

Little Arya McCormick, 1, was bouncing to the music. “This is her first Sno-Cone ever,” said her mom Michelle as she fed her small spoonfuls of her frozen grape ice. Haden Anderson, 3, also sampled several bites too.

Leah Benson, 6, danced and did acrobatic moves to the music. “I love doing cartwheels,” she said.

Debbie Piskur and her dog Eba, short for Ebony, listened to the music from the soccer field. “These concerts are so great,” she said. 

While dogs are not permitted in the baseball field next to the stage, pets are welcome at the above soccer field and many pet owners bring blankets and play with their pooches during the concerts.

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