Chris Cornell’s Final Music Video – In Which He Goes to Hanging – Removed From YouTube


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Chirs Cornell’s final music video – “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” off his final solo album, 2015’s “Higher Truth” – has been removed from YouTube.

Set in an old western town, the video sees Cornell in the role of a prisoner convicted to hanging.

The singer and three more prisoners – one played by Eric Roberts – are receiving their sentences one by one.

As Chris’ turn to be hung comes, a woman – played by Elena Satine – distracts the hangman enough for Cornell’s noose to be sabotaged. It’s interesting that among the onlookers is also a boy played by Chris’ son Christopher Nicholas Cornell.

Upon escaping, the singer is forced to marry a rather chubby woman who cut his noose and drove him to safety.

Despite the hanging moment which can clearly be associated with the way Chris took his own life, the clip has a fairly humorous vibe.

The track’s lyric video is still available.

UPDATE: The video is still available via DailyMotion, you can watch it below.

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