Celebrating the heartbeat of music BANGLADESH DRUM DAY

Tomorrow will mark a phenomenon that musicians are holding on to their high-hats for, as Bangladesh is set to celebrate its first ‘Drum Day.’ Nine of the best drummers in the country will take centre-stage at the home of rock music, the Russian Cultural Center (RCC). “We want to celebrate the best of drumming, not only of the current era, but through our music’s illustrious history,” said Arbovirus drummer Nafeez Al Amin, one of the chief initiators of the event along with Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo from Miles and Sheikh M Reaz from Mechanix. Besides being a passionate drummer, Nafeez also owns Beshi Joss Drums, a company which has made quality percussion instruments accessible to the youth of the country.

“When I started off as a drummer, equipment wasn’t as readily available. Drummers went through a lot of struggle just to learn their craft,” said Turjo, “I can only imagine how much more difficult it would have been 20 years prior, for our pioneering drummers.” It is from this drive to unite and honour the craft that the organisers had meticulously reached out to each and every drummer from the past and present, and invited them to the event.

Besides being an ode to the past, the event also looks to curate the future of drumming, as a drumming competition was announced prior to the event. A winner will be crowned among 8 finalists, and will be awarded a brand new snare from National Music House (NMH), one of the oldest music companies in Bangladesh alongside the honours.

The event, sponsored by NMH, is being organised by Stargazer. The organisers plan to conduct country-wide workshops on drumming, as well as making the event an annual phenomenon where all sorts of percussive instruments will be highlighted. Tickets will be available in limited capacity at the venue. The show starts at 3:30 pm.

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