Carbonear resident gives more play to used guitar strings

Donated supplies

A trip to St. John’s landed Green with his first business deal, where he made an agreement with music shop Long & McQuade to come by once or twice a month, and they would donate bags of used strings to him. Now, Green’s workshop in his garage is home to hundreds of recycled strings, ranging from guitar, bass, and even some mandolin strings.

However, the business deals didn’t stop there. When Long & McQuade had no strings to donate during one trip, Green decided to head to O’Brien’s Music in St. John’s, who not only donated strings, but also made a deal with Green to sell his jewelry in the shop – the first major step for Green’s business.

Now, Strung Out sells jewelry in Ocean View Art Gallery in Carbonear as well. Along with donations of jewelry boxes, ring holders, and neck busts from Bogart’s Jewellers, Green says his business is going great.

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