‘Bangladesh Drum Day’ brings the drummers under one roof

Bangladesh Drum Day,
first ever event of its
kind in the country,
brought a huge
number of drummers
and rock music
enthusiasts under one
roof at the Russian
Cultural Centre
on December 8, 2018

Rajib Dhar/ Dhaka Tribune

All drummers united to form the Drummerhood!

“Bangladesh Drum Day,” first ever event of its kind saw a huge turn out on Friday at the home of rock music, the Russian Cultural Centre (RCC). The house was filled with rock music enthusiastic along with both eminent and emerging drummers. 

Performers of the event were: Turjo from Miles, Pantha Kanai,Rafa from AvoidRafa and Cryptic Fate,Dio from Nemesis and Indalo,Nafeez from Arbovirus,Reaz from Mechanix,Upal from Dreek,Asif from Powersurge and Thrash, and Turjo from 42 and the Robert Russell Trio. 

Speaking about the event Rafa told the Dhaka Tribune’s Showtime: “It was a great event with a red carpet and drums on top of that. There were both kids and adults in the crowd. For the first time in Bangladesh we can finally start recognizing that we have talented drummers in our country. And companies will slowly move their heads around and look at us, hopefully.

“I have always been good at drums. But the drum day was little different, It wasn’t just me the audiences were looking at. It was also the drum kit,” added an excited Rafa. 

Rafa played three tracks of Severe Dementia including “Bengal Regiment,” “Entombment of the Traitor,” and “Credence of Fort William.”

Dio played a couple of popular Nemesis numbers on his drums. When he started playing “Kobe,” the crowd was really blown away with his drumming. 

Dreek’s drummer, Hasibul Hossain Upal jammed on a track, “Groovy Cork” for twelve minutes. 

Upal, who happens to be one of the initiators of the event told us: “We contacted approximately 95 drummers, and everybody sent us their best wishes, specially the drummers who were not able to be present at the event. 

“They sent video messages for the audience.”“We sold out all the tickets, after such long time, RCC had a houseful show.”

Mechanix drummer Reaz’s performance was really energetic. The audiences were on the edge of their seats, and sang along when he performed “Dhruboshor,” a very popular number by his band. 

Veteran drummer Turjo mesmerized the crowd with his powerful performance. 

Georgina Huq, first female drummer of Bangladesh was one of the attractions of the event. She talked about her journey and shared her experiences at the event.

Sponsored by National Music House (NMH), the event was organized by Stargazer. ABC radio was radio partner of the event while Music Buzz was the TV show partner.

It was a phenomenal event for the rock music industry of Bangladesh. 

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