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The 8th annual Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival is underway. (MTN News photo)

BIGFORK – Imagine getting to play alongside Grammy winning musicians — with Flathead Lake as your backdrop. For a few lucky musicians..that’s how they’re spending this week.

The 8th annual Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival is underway promising memorable concerts..and a chance for local musicians to learn from and perform alongside some of the best in the business.

“Five nights of amazing music here on what’s one of the greatest places we got in the world, Flathead lake,” festival executive director Steve Anderson.

Each year world renowned artists from across the nation come to Bigfork to play at the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival. These artists not only play shows but more importantly teach classes to over 50 aspiring artists.

“This whole thing is the collaboration of really high-quality Artists, people like David Lindly that have been playing for 50 some years. He comes and gives master classes and teachers our emerging artists all his little tricks of the trade,” Anderson.

The festival doesn’t just have music but food and drink vendors, a silent auction and much more that all add to the local economy.

The festival alone will bring in well over $2 million to the Flathead Valley this year. However, the stimulation for the flathead valley goes well beyond the event.f

“It will have an impact in a number of ways. One, what we’ve seen is almost a tripling venue that have live music that brings everybody in to spend more money whether their coming in as tourists you know we’ve got a great year with that and it’s fantastic to the artists themselves making money and being able to stay here raise families and grow,” Anderson said.

He explained that the whole point of the program is to give the artists the opportunity to make a career in music while staying in the Flathead.

“The whole program Is really we’re developing people here, musicians locally for our enjoyment and pleasure and for them to learn how to make a living and that’s what is key, is can we sustain a music industry here in the Flathead Valley,” Anderson said.

The festival continues through Saturday and tickets are still available. Click here for more information on the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival.

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