Andrew W.K. Unveils New Taco Guitar

In celebration of National Taco Day, Andrew W.K. has unveiled a new custom-made taco guitar. It is his second party food instrument creation after his custom pizza guitar. Made by ESP Guitars and hand painted by Andrew himself, the new guitar features a ground beef taco on the front side and an eyeball on the back. “I started pondering, what’s another food that’s as party as pizza? When it comes to edible celebration, tacos are partier than almost anything else,” Andrew said in a statement. “Pizza and tacos are among the partiest foods on the planet, and I realized that since I had paid musical tribute to pizza, I now had to pay musical tribute to tacos. I was destined to make a taco shaped guitar – it was inevitable.” See images of the instrument below, and watch a making-of video here.

Andrew W.K. recently announced his first album in 8 years, which does not yet have a title or tracklist. It arrives March 2, 2018. He is currently on his “The Party Never Dies Tour.” Find his full itinerary here.

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