‘Airistotle’ retains his World Air Guitar Championship

The winner of the 2017 World Air Guitar Championship has been crowned… he is Matt “Airistotle” Burns.

The pretend guitarist successfully defended his title at the 22nd Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.

He defended his title by expertly shredding a non-existent guitar.

The competition began as a joke but has become an annual celebration running for 22 years. “Airistotle”, who is from the US, held off competition from 15 competitors from around the world.

A heavy metal version of I Will Survive helped Burns take the title.

“People think that we’re saying that we’re talented musicians by playing air guitar,” Burns said after lifting a real trophy guitar. “That’s not the case, we’re just here having a good time.”

The aim of the Air Guitar World Championships is to bring about world peace with zero guitars.

The official website says: “Wars would end, climate change stop and all bad things disappear, if all the people in the world played the Air Guitar.”

Inspired by the guitar God that is “Airistotle” fancy picking up an invisible guitar and entering next year’s tournament?

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