A local school of rock is making harmonious music in Morgantown

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV) – Move over Bach and Mozart, a music school in Morgantown solely teaches rock n roll to students in the community.

The Popshop is a non-profit organization located along Fortney Street. It opened its doors in 2010 and has since grown over the years.

The school offers group classes and private lessons to students from ages 8 to adults. Each band meets at least one hour per week to learn classic rock songs, country, blues and top 40 hits.

Executive Director Chris Russell says students learn to collaborate in small ensembles before they hit the big stage with performances open to the public.

“After the six weeks is sort of trial by fire,” said Russell. “We put you on stage and let you rock out in a real club venue in front of all of your friends, community and parents and have a just a great day of music. “

Students begin their rehearsals in the evening and trying out various instruments, including the bass, guitar, keyboards or drums. Not only do they focus on learning the music and the notes, but also appreciate the songs and the artists.

“I’m in two different bands and one we played only one song and in my other band we played Nirvana, Presidents of the United States of America, Green Day at some point, Foo Fighters, just a bunch of different awesome bands,” said Puck Byron, a guitar student at Popshop.

Some students have gone and beyond and even started their own bands. They have managed to book gigs in the Mountain State and in other areas.

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