26 Weird Sexy Album Covers

These bizarre music album covers may reassure anybody that sexuality is a spectrum.

NSFW, obviously.

Pat Cooper ‘Spaghetti Sauce and Other Delights’ (1966)

Mr. Cooper, we’d prefer you keep your delights private…

‘Music To Massage Your Mate By’ (1976)

Songs by Denny McReynolds & Rue Barclay, created by Robert Wotherspoon

This record had the original 8-page massage instruction booklet with 15 photos of a nude man & woman giving each other the rub.

Orleans ‘Waking and Dreaming’ (1976)

The softest rock you’ll ever find. We’d really like to meet a person who thinks this looks cool.

Richard & Willie ‘Funky Honkey, Nasty Nigger’ (1975)

What?! It’s just a comedy record with routines about Nixon’s sex life, Tarzan, Deep Throat and Muhammad Ali.

Craig Douglas ‘Cuddle up with Craig’ (1962)

Even though the dude is fully clothed, it doesn’t help at all.

Miljuš Svetlana ‘Bračna Veza Teža Od Poreza’ (1971)


YouTube preview picture

Wasnatch ‘Front to Back’ (2013)

Is it a way to mute his French horn or to amplify the sound?

Gepy & Gepy ‎– Body To Body (1979)

Which ones areGepy? Or do they just enjoy repeating things twice?

Shiva ‘:20 Minute Workout’ (1983)

Is she ok?

Betty Thornton ‘Tit For Tat’ (?)

Read the song TITles.

Trina ‘Da Baddest Bitch’ (2000)

Even though the album was praised by critics, the cover is still extremely questionable. Makes one think twice before calling an ambulance.

Kanye West ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ (2010)

The Grammy-winning record has a cover that creeps the shit out of any sane human being.

Millie Jackson ‘Back to the Shit!’ (1989)

Millie is not afraid to share her excitement.

Bloodhound Gand ‘Hefty Fine’ (2005)

Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss, baby.

Chabanel ‘Chabanel 69’ (1969)

Well, I mean, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Alan Franklin ‘Come Home Baby’ (1980)

Only if you put your clothes back on, Alan.

Susan Christie “I Love Onions’ (1966)

Woah,woah, Susan… Keep it together!

Sportsmen Quartet ‘Barbershop Ballads’ (1959)

Ballads they said.

Limp Bizkit ‘Gold Cobra’ (2011)

Dude. This is truly bizarre. Thecobra is not even gold. Wes Borland explained that this was all intentional: ‘As far as the art goes, I was thinking of Frank Frazetta-type of images with the giant snakes and monsters with scantily-clad, really sexy girls under a guy with a sword. It’s that Conan-looking Frazetta art. That’s where a lot of the inspiration for the art came. I put it through my retard filter, and it came out like it did on the album.’

Mountain Railroad ‘I Love My Life’ (1978)

From the Back Cover: ‘Diverse themes include spiritual development, family life, divorce, child-raising, childhood fantasies, violent death, mysticism, sex, and of course, true love.’

Eddie Mack ‘Eddie Mack.’

Eddie Mack from the Sandwich Club. Performing near you soon.

Diebold & Co. ‘Set Me Free’ (1988)

No way, you’re too hot.

Claudia Wheeler ‘The Price is Right’ (1962)

Um…Thanks for double checking.

Nigel Pepper Cock ‘Fresh White Reeboks Kickin Your Ass’ (2001)

No luck for you today…

Big Punisher ‘Capital Punishment’ (1998)


Small Black ‘Limits Of Desire’ (2013)

Awkward sex documentary meets Nat Geo.

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  1. ape says:

    Limp Bizkit ‘Gold Cobra’…. posing as always, made phrases, and trying to mend a flaw. Predictable.
    A badly done cover, whcih don’t even deserves to be in this list, even less be called “bizzarre”,
    it’s to grand a title.

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