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Music festival | Sugar Ray to bring ‘90s pop rock to Flood City stage | News

A little taste of Southern California will come to Johnstown when the ’90s pop-rock sound of Sugar Ray takes the Flood City Music Festival stage at 10:15 p.m. Aug. 5.  Sugar Ray and its lead singer, Mark McGrath, are most known for hit singles such as “Fly,” “Every Morning,” “Someday” and “When It’s Over.”  The […]

After Surviving A Nashville Flood, Raul Malo’s Gibson Guitar Gets A New Lease On Life

They might not recognize it on sight, but fans of Raul Malo and his group The Mavericks will know it when they hear it: the beautiful, unmistakable tone of Malo’s shiny white Gibson L-5 Studio, complete with gold Bigsby tremolo and a black-and-white speckled pick guard. That guitar has long been one of Malo’s favorite […]

Journal Courier | Names added to End of Watch guitar

“Big Kenny” Alphin (left center) and John Rich (holding guitar) of country music duo Big & Rich, along with fellow country musician “Cowboy Troy” Coleman (center), display the Fraternal Order of Police’s End of Watch guitar and case during their appearance July 15 at the Morgan County Fair. The musicians signed the case ahead […]

Music Review: “Push On Thru” – Stylish, Classic Rock n’ Roll From Rich Lerner & The Groove

Rich Lerner & The Groove recently dropped their latest album. It’s called Push On Thru. The band hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, and comprises the following members: Rich Lerner on guitar and vocals; Sammy Smith on guitar and vocals; Craig Pannel on bass and vocals; Sam Seawell sits in the pocket; Bobby Sykes plays pedal […]

An Intro to Hot Western Swing – Acoustic Guitar

Bringing together elements of early popular and country music, swing jazz, blues, and rural dance hall traditions, Western swing is pure vintage American music. Pioneered in the 1930s—most notably by Milton Brown and Bob Wills—and developed throughout the ’40s in the Southwest, the sound featured an abundance of great rhythm and lead guitar styles. In […]

How to Use Open Strings When Playing in Flat Keys – Acoustic Guitar

Because one of the things that makes something “easy” on the guitar is the presence of open strings, let’s take a closer look at a few flat keys and see how many standard-tuning open-string notes can be found in the keys of Bb and Eb. Posted by Scott NygaardExcerpted from Weekly Workouts: Flat Keys and […]

Kirk Hammett: The Song That Made Me Want to Play Guitar

Metallica’s Kirk Hammett sat down with bandmate Lars Ulrich and discussed the very beginnings of his musical journey on the drummer’s Beats 1 Radio show, saying (transcribed by UG): “[Jimi Hendrix is] pretty much [the reason why I picked up the guitar]. “The story with me and ‘Purple Haze‘ is – when that album [1967 […]

Learn Something: How to Properly Hold the Guitar

jomatami [+] bio UG News editor since early 2013. King Crimson fan. I handle the news around here. Guitar instructor Nate Savage from shared a useful video lesson on how to hold the guitar properly. The musician noted: “How you hold the guitar can be really important because it can affect the overall productiveness […]

Couple builds custom flamenco, classic guitars together

A love for flamenco guitar brought John Shelton and Susan Farretta together during college in the mid-1960s. It was only the beginning for Shelton-Farretta Guitars. “John was always looking for a better guitar, so we started building a better guitar,” says Farretta, Shelton’s wife of 46 years. Shelton and Farretta of Alsea are master luthiers […]