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Couple build flamenco and classical guitars together

ALSEA, Ore. — A love for flamenco guitar brought John Shelton and Susan Farretta together during college in the mid-1960s. It was only the beginning for Shelton-Farretta Guitars. “John was always looking for a better guitar, so we started building a better guitar,” said Farretta, Shelton’s wife of 46 years. Shelton and Farretta of Alsea […]

Jisan Valley Rock Festival: Gallant Surprises with Lee Hi Appearance

No stranger to South Korea’s music scene, Gallant shocked the crowd during his performance at Icheon’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival on Saturday (July 29). The R&B singer was joined by South Korean pop-soul singer Lee Hi during his headlining performance at one of the festival’s main stages. Lee sang along to “Skipping Stones,” filling in for Jhene Aiko. “I […]

Frocks rock: Gender inequality rife in the music industry: new research

Not since calling Australia her “island home” has Christine Anu found a place in its music industry. Unable to fit neatly into a pop music genre since branching into soul, Anu, 47, has found that being a woman has huge disadvantages. She says that after “a woman gets to a certain age, it becomes too hard”. Associate Professor Rae Cooper from the University of Sydney […]

Janis Ian, Jeff Tweedy, and More to Headline Ellnora Guitar Fest – Acoustic Guitar

From the September 2017 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY BLAIR JACKSON The biennial Ellnora Guitar Festival, held at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Illinois’ Urbana-Champaign campus September 14–16, is shaping up as an important showcase for a wide variety of acoustic guitarists (and mandolinists, and other instrumentalists) from around the world. Once known as […]

Earthquaker Devices: 21st-century guitar pedal company proudly Made in Akron (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The withering BF Goodrich smokestacks down the street are a constant reminder.  Not just of Akron’s industrial heyday — back when these streets were lined with factories and machine shops, and rubber turned this city into a manufacturing mecca. Decades later, these old, out-of-commission smokestacks lord over the area like ruins from […]

Couple Builds Custom Flamenco, Classic Guitars Together – U.S. News & World Report

U.S. News & World Report Couple Builds Custom Flamenco, Classic Guitars TogetherU.S. News & World ReportADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, JULY 29-30 – In this Monday July 17, 2017 photo, after building guitars together for 50 years John Shelton and Susan Farretta have amassed a nice collection of wood in workshop at Shelton-Farretta Guitars in Alsea, … […]

ZZ Top: Billy Gibbons REVEALS what he really thinks of modern rock music | Music | Entertainment

For almost 50 years the band have been bringing their blues and boogie rock to fans all around the world. To date ZZ Top have sold over 50 million records and show no sign of stopping – or shaving off those monumental beards – anytime soon. Express Online managed to catch up with frontman Billy […]

Why Billy Corgan Is Really Selling His Guitars Will Surprise You – Alternative Nation (blog)

Alternative Nation (blog) Why Billy Corgan Is Really Selling His Guitars Will Surprise YouAlternative Nation (blog)Two Smashing Pumpkins fans on Reddit are claiming that Billy Corgan told them he is not selling his old guitars and gear for money. Kreatorkind wrote on Reddit, “I actually talked to him about it last night. He said that […]

Blue Mountain Guitar Reopens on Main Street in New London

New London — If the former West Lebanon music instrument store Blue Mountain Guitar were to write a song about itself, it might borrow its title from Carly Simon’s 1986 single, Coming Around Again. Blue Mountain Guitar, a fixture in West Lebanon’s Colonial Plaza shopping center for more than three decades, closed its doors last […]